Product certification bodies

Accreditation of the product certification body is an official recognition of the competence (competence and independence) of the body to carry out certification of products, the nomenclature of which is indicated in the field of accreditation.

In order to receive accreditation, the certification body for products (services) must meet the following requirements:

  • the certification body must have a staff member, headed by a qualified supervisor. At the same time, the impact on personnel from individuals or organizations that have a commercial interest in the results of the certification being conducted should be excluded;
  • the certification body should have the necessary funds, a fund of documents required for certification and documented procedures that allow certification of products in accordance with the requirements for this area of ​​production;
  • specialists performing conformity assessment of products or services, testing or inspection control shall have the status of experts of the certification system in the field corresponding to the accreditation area of ​​the certification body;
  • the certification body must have a complete list (register) of certified products or services indicating the holders of certificates or permits (licenses) for applying the conformity mark;
  • the certification body is obliged to monitor the use of the issued certificates of conformity and permits for their use.