Source of consumer trust

We live in the world where new businesses are forming every day, new industries, new companies providing services that produce new products, and more simply, producers of products and services.

How can a consumer do not make a mistake in choosing the right product, and most importantly, a safe and high-quality product or service, among all this diversity?

On the other hand, how does a new company stand out among others? Prove that your services or products are really high quality and worth the money?

For the manufacturer, the answer seems obvious – you need to certify your products or services, undergo the necessary inspection, quality control and get a long-awaited certificate that is a guarantor of product quality.

However, in this place of our reasoning, you can ask an unexpected question – is the certificate a confirmation that the product or service is of good quality? An incredulous buyer might think: “What if this certificate is just a piece of colored paper? They paid someone, this piece of paper and issued, and did not check anything at all, did not inspect. ”

In addition, you will be surprised how many such inspection and inspection bodies actually exist, because the areas in which certification is carried out are also numerous. How to determine that the inspection body itself is trustworthy and the certificates issued to them are a guarantee of quality?

There is only one answer to this question – the aforementioned body is undergoing the ACCREDITATION procedure, it is issued an official confirmation of its competence, which guarantees the quality of its services and the services of its customers, the very producers of products and services.

The logical question – who is accredited by the bodies that check the quality of products and services in Uzbekistan – checks their competence, impartiality and the quality of their work? We can safely answer – a single center for accreditation. It is not for nothing that we singled out the word “ one ”, only this Center deals with the assessment of the bodies that check quality, it is they who determine the compliance with the requirements and the good faith of the issuing authority.

The accreditation center was established  in order to further improve the accreditation system of conformity assessment bodies, create conditions for the production of export-oriented and competitive goods, works (services), and protect the country’s consumer market from poor quality products.

So now we can answer the first and main question of our article – the quality of what kind of products or services the consumer can safely trust? These are the products and services that are certified by an organization accredited by the Center.

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